Saturday, October 2, 2010

Andrew Kaufman on The Writing Process

A few days ago I talked about how I approach a project and how I don't use an outline when I am writing. Today, Andrew E. Kaufman, author of the bestselling Kindle title While the Savage Sleeps, stops by to talk about his approach to a new project. Thanks, Drew!

For me, the process is an intuitive one. Since I write character-driven plots, I try to let them lead the way. Keeping myself out of the equation, I think, is the best way to create a story that's genuine, fresh, and--most important--spontaneous. I see myself as a visitor in their world, not the other way around. I'm simply there to help them tell their story and to occasionally throw a hurdle or two in their way to create tension, then to watch and see how they work to move past them.

I've never been one to rely heavily on outlines, mostly because my writing process is so fluid and the story seems to change quickly. If I did use one, it would become obsolete within days. For me, it's all about The Journey,which I take every time I look into a blank screen. Charting my every step would take all the joy out of it.

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